March 24, 2017

Does Busy Make You More Money?


April 18, 2017


9:00am to 4:00pm


Embassy Suites Des Moines - Downtown
101 E. Locust St
Des Moines, IA 50309


$399 (MBI Members)

Non-member Fee

$499 (Construction Update Network Members & Non-Members)


A busy and busier construction business keeps you running fast and faster on an uphill treadmill going nowhere. Busy keeps your key people overworked without time to plan, prepare, think, bill correctly or get change orders approved before you do the work.  Busy doesn’t allow time to sit down with your foreman to review their job cost production reports every week to make adjustments to improve their results. Busy doesn’t allow you to go out and find better customers or projects with less competition.  Busy forces you to make quick decisions without proper research or due diligence, like hiring the wrong person or saying yes to demanding customers.  Busy keeps you stressed-out and takes you away from doing what you want. And busy doesn’t make you more money!

During this workshop you will learn the blueprint, techniques and systems top profitable contractors and subcontractors use and implement to get their businesses to work for them, make more money and take their companies to the next level. Topics include how to:

  • Get people to plan ahead to achieve results
  • Set and track clear targets and goals
  • Delegate, let-go, get organized and in-control
  • Create an organizational structure with regular team meetings
  • Build an accountable responsible management team
  • Install written operational systems
  • Implement ‘Must-Do’ field and project management planning systems
  • Develop a scorecard tracking system to hit your numbers and maximize financial results
  • Design a business development and estimating action plan to win higher margin work

You can build a top-performing company and enjoy the benefits of a successful business by getting focused on priorities that really matter, will make you more money and help you reach your goals.